After a little deliberation we’ve decided that the time has come to provide the viewing public with their very own platform on which to display their photos.

Admittedly there are numerous media sites that do perform an excellent service, but we’re looking at viewers being a little more involved in the selection process.

We performed a brief scan of villagers’ contributions on those media outlets and realised that we’d been slow in appreciating the quality of many of the offerings, which led us to wonder just how many people had their own material that wasn’t being displayed anywhere at all.

Which left the obvious question – why?

There are, of course, many possible answers – they don’t use social media sites; or maybe they’re not experienced enough to add their own content; or they want to but don’t know anyone who can show them how; or maybe they’re just too modest as it would look as if they’re just showing off.

Whatever the reason, we’re opening up the opportunity to offer the services of a just-formed sub-group of enthusiasts and experts from within the Burley Men’s Shed organisation. It’s called the Photo Group – catchy, eh? When they receive your photos (from a simple form you’ll need to complete) they’ll re-size them, and optimise them for website display then pass them on to the Village Website to display in a photo gallery. No further editing will be actioned – what you sent is what you’ll see.


The villagers’photos you see below have been ‘borrowed’ from social media outlets to illustrate how your own photos will be displayed – the inclusion of your name will be a condition of our acceptance of your work.

They’re reproduced here so that you can see the level of thought and studied composition required to achieve results at this level – they’re acting simply as your inspiration, and to show that it can be done. These are not ‘snaps’ – they’re photographs.

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