How to Register your Business

Burley in Wharfedale

Here's how the registration process works ...

These guidelines apply to each and every business Owner/Operator who wants to add their business, no matter how small, into the Burley Business Directory pages, and the two important stipulations are that you must provide a name for your business, and that you must have a valid Email address.

In order for us (the site adminsistrators) to collect all the relevant details from you there is a form for you to fill in, but it’s a case of your choosing which one of the two forms available that you need to select.

This is because we’re listing the two dominant business types that exist – namely:

ONE – businesses that operate from dedicated business premises, such as shops, offices, garages and the like, and encourage the general public to visit. This includes anybody who runs their business from their own home, providing they welcome the public to visit them during business hours. Examples would be home bakers, tutors, freelance hairdressers, and many more ‘home-based’ concerns. All of these contributors have the opportunity of showing their workplace on a map.

And …

TWO – businesses that either don’t have dedicated premises, or don’t encourage the public to visit their builders’ yards, workplaces or homes. They provide a service that often involves them visiting your location, or simply communicating over the phone. They don’t need or want visitors and so don’t need to supply more than basic contact details. They also tend to lean heavily on social media platforms such as Twitter and facebook in order to display their offerings. No need for a map, either; if they’re listed in the directory it’s presumably because they serve our area. This will eventually become the largest segment in the directory.

We’ve given a couple of examples of how the two different business types will be diplayed in the directory in order to help you appreciate the need for two slightly different versions of the Registration Form. Don’t click on the ‘cards’, because they’re not live links – just screen captures.  For real-life examples simply visit the ‘Directory’ page itself. Both business types are featured extensively (or will be when we start receiving completed forms).

A Business with premises

= Use FORM ONE =

This is an example of an entry for a business that has premises, is based in Burley, and shows their full address and contact details.
There are also two boxes for dialogue, the option to view their location on a map, and to click through to their chosen media outlet (facebook). The logo has been lifted from their facebook page.
The main Category it sits in is FOOD & DRINK, but because they serve snacks as well as provide a takeaway service they are listed (and will display) under both sub categories.

a business without premises

= use Form Two =

. . . and this is an example of an entry for a business that has no  dedicated premises, is based in Guiseley, covers the Burley area, and shows NO address – just basic contact details.
There are also two boxes for dialogue, but NO option to view the location on a map (because there’s no address, and no need for a map). There is a live link to connect to their own website and no other media outlet.

The logo has been lifted from their website. 

The main Category it sits in is INSTRUCTION,TUITION. 

Please ensure you register your business using the correct form

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