Greenholme Mills


With the current development of the Greenholme Mills site, this seemed to be an opportune time to briefly reflect on its past, to take a glimpse of how it’s recently been operating since ceasing to trade as a worsted mill, and then to catch up with this exciting conversion into living accommodation.

We intend to concentrate predominantly on the future aspect, as the historical details are comprehensively documented, particularly in the Archive section within the Burley Library, operated and maintained by members of the Burley History Group. Although the library itself is now operating on a more stable timetable you need to make an appointment to meet a History Group volunteer – Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Visit their website for their contact details, and for any updates, HERE  where you’ll also be able to browse their website for a comprehensive collection of documents and photographs, including Greenholme Mills of course.

We’ll be compiling the early history of Greenholme Mills, although quite briefly, in order for viewers to grasp the scale of how much its presence influenced the development of the village. The History Group also has a range of books for purchase, some of which are now out of print; in the main library there are also books covering the mills, and together there is a wealth of information to be had.

The main body of this article will concentrate on events occuring from the sale of the mills in 2020, and will hopefully contribute to the pictorial aspect which might interest long-standing villagers, our ever curious youth, and perhaps those ‘friends we haven’t met yet’ who might be considering joining our community in the coming months.

Unless annotated otherwise, the digital photos from 2019 onwards are resourced privately, and the website in total is funded by the Burley in Wharfedale Community Trust.

photo:Taylor Collection, Burley Archive
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