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Contact: Laurel
Work Phone: 07963 438 695 Website: visit site



My name is Laurel and I run Muddy Walks, a dog walking and cat sitting service based in Burley-in-Wharfedale. We have been established since 2014.   Along with Sarah who has been with me since 2015 we are able to cover areas from Addingham, through to Ilkley, Menston and Otley.

We like to walk your dogs in small groups of no more than 5 dogs at one time. We feel we can give more of our attention to each individual dog by keeping the groups small and friendly. If your dog prefers not to walk with others then that is not a problem, please ask about our solo walks and rates.

Each walk is catered around your dogs needs and vary in location. Sometimes we walk by the river,  park,  moors,  Chevin or  occasionally have a nice stroll along the canal. Do you have a puppy that is too young for long walks or an elderly dog who cannot manage longer walks – no problem, ask us about our house visits or shorter walks where we can entertain your dog in their own home and/or take for a short stroll ‘round the block’ within our 30 minute visit/walk

We also offer a cat/small animal sitting service.  We will call in to your home, make sure your cat or other pets have enough food, fresh water,  clean up any mess they may have made and refresh litter trays etc.  We will of course have time for cuddles and give attention to your pet.  While we are there we can water any plants. feed fish  hamsters etc,  bring in post, open/close curtains and put out bins to make your home looked occupied for extra security.

Have a garden but don’t have time or physically find it hard to get out to clean up the dogs mess? We can help as we now offer poo picking as alongside our services,  whether you are disabled, elderly, pregnant, a landlord or just simply would like someone else to clean the poo, why not give us a shout and let us do the work for you.  We can even come the day before your gardener is due so its spotlessly clean ready for them to do the mowing and tidying etc.

We are fully insured and have the relevant police checks, animal first aid and basic behaviour certificates.

All certificates may been seen upon request.

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