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Work Phone: 01943 863 307 Website: visit website


Photo of DJ RAYNER

Our Story

Since our business formed over 20 years ago, here at DJ Rayner we have consistently provided a second to none service to our wide range of clients. Offering commercial window cleaning, cherry picker hire, gutter cleaning and repair – our team will go the extra mile to ensure we produce results exceeding your expectations.

A Service Tailored To You

DJ Rayner has experience cleaning iconic buildings in Leeds, Manchester & Liverpool. However, we can adapt our service to suit all job sizes – we continuously work to the expected high standards our business aims to provide, whatever the task may be. Health and safety is at the forefront of our minds throughout every job, guaranteeing safety for our team and yours. We will carry out all necessary safety checks and sign off required paperwork before any work begins.

Our Team

If it wasn’t for our fantastic individuals, we wouldn’t be able to provide the excellent level of service that we’re known for. We pride ourselves very highly here at DJ Rayner on the amazing people that make up our company. All of our staff are extremely well trained, punctual and polite. A key business ethic of ours is to bring the best out of our team wherever possible.

Providing regular development sessions and improving industry knowledge contributes to the exceptional level of service that we can offer.

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