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Introducing Cefi Candles


Amidst the current uncertainty, Cefi was created at the start of 2021 to provide complimentary pieces for homes. All products aim to provide an additional luxury item of decor for your home so that staying at home becomes more enjoyable for you. Besides, everyone should be able to feel proud, satisfied and comfortable within the area around them. Additionally, all of Cefis’ products have that cute side to them, making every product on this website a perfect gift for your loved ones.




Cefi is a small business focused on allowing the people who stay at home to still feel speciaI. I (the business owner) understand that not everyone can go out for fancy meals, on holidays or to bars… Whether this is due to personal commitments, being on a budget or because you simply don’t like going out, I am here to allow you to still feel special as you can invest in to your home and soul instead with these aesthetically pleasing treats.

I put love and passion into each individual order, always aiming to provide customers with value. So, you should treat yourself and the area around you! You wont regret it, that’s a promise from me to you:)

Thank you for supporting this small business.

For any enquiries please email hello@ceficandles.co.uk or use the contact page linked in the footer of our website.


Candle Care

Every single candle is hand poured by me in the UK, as a business my main focus is providing our customers with high quality candles where full value is provided. These candles can have multiple purposes and can be used for either decoration to add a complimentary piece to your home or you can burn them. If you are burning your candle then you will require a plate/ trinket dish to avoid wax spillages. Also if you do intend on burning your candle, please ensure that you trim the wick to be 5mm long and remove the product reference tag which is attached. To prevent any colour changes, make sure you don’t place your candle in direct sunlight or in hot temperatures.

Please note that the body candles have a burn time of 1 hour.

All candles are made individually so no candle is exactly the same. You can expect small imperfections like frosting or air bubbles, as a business owner I think this makes your candle unique to you as no two are the same. Soy wax frosting may occur as seen on the images of our website. As soy wax is 100% plant based, frosting occurs when the wax is setting/ returning to it’s natural state.

All candles are wrapped individually and placed in a box and mailing bag to avoid any damages or breakages in delivery.

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