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The old adage “If you’ve got something to sell, stick it in the window” is as true today as it ever was – most business owners/operators nowadays use social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and several other outlets as their particular window. Snag is, if the public doesn’t know the one/s being used then they need the services of a search engine.  And of course some businesses operate their own websites. That’s where a directory comes in, and with the rapid expansion of our beloved village over the next couple of years there are going to be more opportunities to increase trading.

Which means that we, the villagers of Burley, will need to be aware of just what shopping opportunities exist within the village – and if not here, then where else.

With the demise of the original village website the sponsors, the Burley in Wharfedale Community Trust, agreed to fund the provision of a means to address the need, but on the strict proviso that it focused on businesses within Burley Parish first and foremost.

After much searching we (the village website adminstrators) found a software package that more than covered our, and the Trust’s, requirements.

Rather foolishly we set the target date for launching the new system as being Monday 17 May, to coincide with the Step Three relaxation of restrictions – unfortunately , due to the steep learning curve involved we failed miserably to meet that deadline, for which we humbly apologise.

With that out of the way, lets tell you what we’re going to do about it – should only take a couple of weeks.

A list of categories will eventually be displayed, along with some advice on how to complete the entry form.

The story so far …

We’ve entered a few businesses into the database, configured the system to a level whereby you can probably make some sense out of it but most importantly it’s being released now so that business owners/operators can start gathering the information that needs to be inserted into each individual directory entry – things like logos, images, sales blurb, media links and the like. You can’t view it yet (because it isn’t ready) but there will be a ‘Plug & Play form which each business user will need to complete. This form will be directed to our Admin, who will scrutinise and correct it before releasing it for viewing.

So what does this directory do ?

  • If you have a business (ANY business) within the bounds of the parish of Burley in Wharfedale then you are eligible for an entry in the directory.
  • If you LIVE in Burley in Wharfedale but own a business elsewhere (within reason) then you are also eligible.
  • Bearing in mind the remit about Burley being first, because your business is within our parish then in the displayed listing view those entries will appear – ALWAYS – in the first tier. Living in Burley with a business outside will put you into tier two.

As there are many business categories that don’t currently exist within the parish we’ll be encouraging  ‘outsiders’ to be listed. They will be listed and will appear after the two tiers mentioned above – every time. To prove this point we’ve set up an example – in the categories listing select ‘Barbers’. Although there are several listed you’ll see that the last one is in Otley.  No matter how many times you access that category the Otley entry will always follow the Burley entries. The same principle applies to all the other categories – or rather they will when we have more entries.

Please please be aware that the Business Directory is very much a ‘Work in Progress’ function – and if you actually already have an entry (which we probably lifted from a media page) and want us to delete it, or better still correct and/or add to it, then please get in touch using the dedicated email address for the directory – see above. 

All Business Directory listings are free of charge, compliments of Burley in Wharfedale Community Trust.

We’ve curtailed access to the actual directory page for a few days, as we need to work on the system in order to complete the project.

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