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So What's it All About?

On behalf of our sponsors, the Burley in Wharfedale Community Trust, we’ve built a directory of local businesses in and around our village, with two major objectives:

  • to make villagers, and visitors, aware of the shopping opportunities and resources that are available within the village, and help in encouraging people to shop locally where possible; should that not be either practical or desirable then to offer alternative options within just a few miles of Burley.

  • to provide an opportunity for Burley business owners/operators a means of displaying their presence on-screen in a structured manner, any and all businesses within the parish boundary, as a priority, along with their contact details and active links to their own media pages (facebook, Twitter etc) and/or their own website.

Over the next few months we, as a village, are going to start to experience a massive influx of new homesteaders, many of whom will be seeking information on the facilities that Burley has to offer; that is when the Business Directory earns its keep. And if their particular need cannot be fulfilled from within the village then as a caring community we should perhaps be prepared to point them in the right direction, and this can be achieved quite easily now that we have the ability to do so.

There are, of course, two potential users for our Business Directory – the general public, and business owners. The business owners have their own pages, explaining the requirements and the ‘how-to’ of the system – take a look if you want to know how it’s set up, but please don’t try to make any entries just out of curiosity.

The instructions on how to use the directory by the general public are quite straightforward, but the numbers shown in brackets need some explanation, so you might want to view the ‘ABOUT’ page  – or just click on any of the links shown on the ‘BUSINESS DIRECTORY’ page (apart from the one that says ‘Submit New Entry’) and follow your nose. If you get stuck just press the ‘Back’ button in your browser. Don’t worry, you won’t break anything.






The very first entries in  each and every category are for businesses/services within the Burley Parish, listed alphabetically. The next priority is for businesses owned by our villagers, but operating locally, within reason, outside the parish bounday.

Followed by those in Otley and Ilkley, then Guiseley, Menston et al.

Along with a Google map to indicate just where.


Iron Row

From the mills, the workers would walk up Iron Row to reach their homes. Here is a picture of Iron Row looking towards the mill gates, taken by a local photographer, John Breare, on a special occasion, Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee in 1887. The decorated arch says, “God Save the Queen and Success to W. Fison and Co.” (the mill company).

… and these are the original mill gates – now leading to the pedestrian underpass and then the mills, although the gates themselves no longer exist – just the stone pillars.

Both photos- the Sally Gunton Collection,
Burley Archives

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